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reliability, sends alerts when these standards are not met, and ensures that you can maintain the drives and tapes used in an archive environment to have the highest integrity. TapeAssure builds a database of drive and tape history information that you can export as .CSV (comma- separated-value) files and import into  event-organiser-:254 msgid "(This may not work with some themes):" msgstr "(Virker kanskje ikke i alle temaer):" #: ../event-organiser-:258 msgid "Date Format:" msgstr "Datoformat:" #: ../event-organiser-:265 msgid "This alters the default format for inputting dates." msgstr "Dette endrer  Comma date no year Buy {-} at premium quality with 30% LOWER PRICE and FAST delivery. Welcome to 8. mar 2011 Charlis We will date again, ! ORIGINAL: Comma var på hs i dag og helsesøster ga meg og mini diagnosen sopp.. hun rådet meg til å smøre yoghurt naturell i munnen på mini og canesten krem på nipplene. menså sa hun "ikke si på apoteket at du skal ha d på brystene". noen som kan tenke seg 

24 Nov 2007 Norwegian and English seem to work a little differently here (which is difficult to know if you're not fluent, of course). In your Norwegian sentence, you're asking what time would be convenient for you, and not for the person you want to contact. I think it's possible to (mis)interprate the English sentence that  b finne en kjæresten Comma date no year 1 Jun 2012 The geographical divide of the subregions is not so clear. Niigata is sometimes placed in the Hokuriku Region, sometimes in the Kōshin'etsu Region. Likewise, Aichi Prefecture is either described to be a part part of the Tōkai Region, or the Chūkyō Region (中京地方 Chūkyō-chihō), the major metropolitan 

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